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Female Anatomy 101: 7 Eye-Opening Facts About The Clitoris
Sebagian wanita ternyata tidak mengerti dengan bagian-bagian yang ada pada tubuhnya. Artikel ini ditulis untuk memberikan sedikit pengetahuan kepada wanita mengenai bagian tubuhnya yang sangat sensitif yaitu alat kelaminnya.

Clitoris | anatomy | Britannica.com
The clitoris is a small projection of erectile tissue in the vulva of the female reproductive system. It contains thousands of nerve endings that make it an extremely sensitive organ.

Klitoris - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi klitoris anatomi
The Clitoris is an erectile structure, homologous with the penis. It is situated beneath the anterior labial commissure, partially hidden between the anterior ends of the labia minora.

Vagina: Definition, Anatomy, Function, Diagram, and Conditions
Clitoris: Clitoris, female erogenous organ capable of erection under sexual stimulation. A female homologue of the male penis, the clitoris develops (as does the penis) from the genital tubercle of the fetus, and it plays an important role in female sexual response. The body of the clitoris is suspended from

Clitoris - Wikipedia
ENG : Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary, find out its unrecognized anatomy and its unknown herstory.

Clitoris - Anatomy and Function
The clitoris is a female sex organ present in mammals, ostriches and a limited number of other animals. In humans, the visible portion - the glans - is at the front junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the urethra. Unlike the penis, the male homologue to the clitoris, it usually does not contain the distal portion of the urethra and is therefore not used for urination. The clitoris also usually lacks a …

Panduan Lengkap Seputar Anatomi Vagina • Hello Sehat
The internal parts of female sexual anatomy (or what’s typically referred to as female) include: Vagina The vagina is a tube that connects your vulva with your cervix and uterus .

Erkek Genital Anatomisi 2 - YouTube
When people talk about the vagina, they’re usually referring to the vulva, which is the outer part of the female genitalia. The vulva includes the: labia vaginal opening clitoris urethra The

Klitoris är mer än en magisk knapp - YouTube klitoris anatomi
Kuvitteletko tuntevasi naisen sukuelinten anatomian? Yllättävän moni nainenkaan ei pysy kartalla, kun eteen lyödään kuva omista rakenteista. Jutustamme voit tarkistaa, kuinka hyvä tietämyksesi on.

ANATOMY OF THE CLITORIS | Journal of Urology
It is impossible to convey clitoral anatomy in a single diagram showing only 1 plane, as is typically provided in textbooks, which reveal it as a flat structure. MRI provides a multiplanar representation of clitoral anatomy in the live state, which is a major advantage, and complements dissection materials. The work of Kobelt in the early 19th century provides a most comprehensive and accurate